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 Hunter's Trace Our Plant and Flower Pictures

 Below are sample pictures have been taken in Hunters Trace.

I will replace some of them with pictures you have taken as you email them to me.  If you want to add more information on the picture such as where, when, or camera type, just let me know.  I also need to work on the picture size in inches and Pixels to insure a sharp picture.










Dog Owners - Beware of Poisonous Mushrooms in your yard. My Neighbor's dog ate some and has been in the vet hospital for a few day and is not expected to live.  Below are the pictures of the one that are suspected to be poisonous. My yard had over 30of the small red new ones in one day yesterday.

ll? How to Get Rid of Mushrooms in Your Lawn ? 3 Easy Methods (topyarddesign.com)

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