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 Hunter's Trace Board/Committee Members


Position:             Name                   Email                                 Phone #

President:     Kevin Boutwell   kpb1955@cox.net          352-351-8476


VP:                Cody Blair         cody7099@hotmail.com   352-427-1632

                      Ann Mercer      ann.mercer@yahoo.com     734-497-6721

Secretary:     Debbie Lucus    dlchase98@gmail.com         352-620-5766

Treasurer:     Tim Bell             timothybell7835@gmail.com 352-624-0163



Entry &  Beautification:     No Landscape committee, but Diane VanFleet and Nancy Boutwell have worked on seasonal flowers 

Irrigation & Lighting:         Tim Bell has been scheduling maintenance as needed.


Do not email requests for approval for changes to the exterior of your house for approval.  You must wite up in detail what you want done and then make two hard copies of the document and deliver them to one of the committee members so they can make a decisionon what you want and deliver back to you a written approval.

Nancy Boutwell:    352-351-8479

Jerry Sutley:          352-209-6866

Chuck Trout:        352-236-6642


Webmaster:  Robin Corsiglia    352-804-4690    steameng1@cox.net















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