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 Hunter's Trace News

We will add news that is informative to our residents on this page.

Replacing a 3 year old Garage Door (March 2024): Robin

My garage door started to crack in 4 places and needed replacement.  I got 4 estimates in a few days with estimates from $2,356 to $3,850.  Three estimates where from one mfg company CHI and one from Overhead.

You can design your garage door with all options here:  https://www.chiohd.com/

My door was: Size 16’ X 7’,   White, Steel,  Short Raised Panel; Windows on Top: Uninsulated,   Installation; Warranty; Permit, Vet/Senior  Discount?__ ; Tax ?___;    Remove old door;    I used my 2 year old opener.

They now build garage doors differently and much better.

  1. More steel braces for hurricanes that are wider
  2. A special rubber seal around the outside of the door attached to the house frame.
  3. There are different types of doors with or without windows, different replaceable inserts.   I changed from what I had.
  4. You get an entire new door, outside rails, and large counter balance spring.
  5. A different door seal for the bottom of the door.
  6. All quotes only included a 1 year parts and labor warranty by the installer and a different one by the MFG (3 Years I think).

I watched the installation and highly reccomend calling Dale at:

Advanced Garage Doors And Gate Operators LLC

3800 SE Lake Weir Ave, Ocala, FL   (352) 877-5322


New French Doors (Feb 2023): Robin

I neededto replace my doors with inside blinds, heat resistant, wood grain fiberglass and painted on the outside. - I had a hard time getting estimates. One from Lowes for $6,700 and one from WestShore Homes for $26,000.  The Lowes special order took time but look and work great.


New grass sod for my yard (Nov 2023):Robin

I got 6 estimates for soding half my front yard after my drain field was dug up. The first two estimates were at $3,000 and the sales person was not able to answer my questions well about how they would perform the work. Then I got two more estimates with the high at $6,500.  Then Sod Central - Ken Nelson gave me an estimate of $2,000, answered all my concerns and did an excellent job.


New roof shingles (Nov 2023): Robin

I got two estimates - $1,576 from Big "D" and another one from someone for $17,500.  Big "D" did mine 15 years ago but I  needed a new roof for house insurance.  The warrenty is transferable to any new buyer of your home.


New Rebuild and add to front porch railing (Nov 2023): Robin

I got two estimates, but went with Fred Walker for  - $3,200. His two carpenters & painter did and excellet job.


Septic Tank Warning Information ( August 2023): Robin

I had to have my septic tank pumped out recently and have a warning for any one that needs theirs pumped in the future. Septic tanks have two sides with each side having a removable cover to pump them out.  The first tank side is to get the solid waste and liquid waste. When it is full, the liquid goes into the second liquid tank side.  When it is full, the liquid goes into the drain field and then into the ground.  I was told to have both pumped about every 5 years but this depends on the number of people in the house.  I had mine pumped about 4 years ago and took measurements of where the tank pump cap was located.  Recently I had mine pumped I found out the company that pumped it out 4 years ago only pumped the liquid tank side.  This meant the solid tank continued to fill up causing my problem. As the solid tank was pumped, the worker looked at the top of the liquid tank and saw that the water was rushing in from the drain field indicating the drain field needed to be replaced.  Pump the tank = $350, Drain Field = $3,800. 

Warning:  If you have yours pumped, make sure they pump both sides of the tank.


July 14, 2020 Letter to Homeowners

Tell your neighbors about our  Web Page and return often!!!

Reminders: Each year you should perform the following cleaning to improve efficency and help prevent a potential fire or other problem:

1. Clean you Dryer Vent from the back of the Dryer, up the tube thru the roof including from the roof top.  After cleaning the top of my dryer was no longer hot due to the back pressure of a clogged exhaust pipe.

2. Clean the Radiator under your refrigerator using a vacuum. Mine was really clogged bad.

3. Clean inside your Computer using a vacuum..

4. The Heater-A/C also needs the filer replaced or cleaned every few months.

5. You can get free Radon Gas Test Kits from the Health Department.


Service Companies that a Hunters Trace resident liked:

Nov 2014: I saw that two brick mail boxes were knocked over and destroyed in the last few months of 2014.   I heard one cost $1,500 to replace and the other $700.  The lower cost one was by Steve Greenwell (352-812-3717)  11/2/2014.  Good to know.

Residents Recommendations:


I just had my house painted by Mike’s Painting (Aug 1, 2017).  They did a super nice job using the best paint on the market.  I am an engineer and always look for the detail in things.  There idea of perfection is much better than mine. Watching then during the two days, I thought they were about finished, but then the 4 of them walked around the house with the paint buckets inspecting and touching up even the smallest imperfections.  Now the house looks better than new.  I highly recommend them and the money is well spent.  Two other houses on NE 9th Lane have been painted by Mike in the last couple years.

Tree Trimming:

I have had good experiences with the following two Tree Triming Companies:

1. Ray Graham - Straight Up Tree Service  352-595-4698

2. Bob's Tree Service - 352-361-5243 ;  352-861-0906

3. Jimmy White Stump Grinding and Tree Work  352-625-5129


Hunters Trace - Neighbors helping Neighbors   - March 2015


Back in March of this year Truman Richardson was in his yard picking up leaves.  Jerry Sutley saw him and came over with rake, garbage can, and liners to help out.  George and Mandy Durhan and their boys saw Truman and Jerry out there and the boys immediately came over to help out.  This is why we LOVE Hunter's Trace!!  We absolutely have the best neighbors!!!  


Beware of the Bears!!! 

During the last week of May 2015 and the first week of June 2015, there has been a bear visiting the neighborhood spreading people's trash all over their yards and down the streets.  The bear visited my fenced in back yard and distroyed one bird feeder and damaged two others.  He distroyed one heavy duty bird feeder post and pulled apart and bent a bird feeder right angle hanger.

Please do not put smelling trash cans out before 7:00 AM the morning of trash pick up day.  The bear was sighted on 6/6/2015 at 6:15 AM pushing over someone trash can less than 50 feet away from a neighbor and it was daylight at that time.


My Hurricane Check List: Look it over and see if it will help you prepare.

  1. Buy gasoline for cars & small gas cans(Oil for blower), wireless weather station & generator.
  2. Buy food, bottled water, & dog food.
  3. Get all prescription drugs – including for dogs.
  4. Charge batteries for: cameras, shavers, hair trimmers, drone, flash lights, lanterns, iPads, iPhone, small remote cameras.
  5. Get small plug in TV antenna for possible use.
  6. Change wireless weather station batteries
  7. Connect computer/Speakers/WiFi to Battery Backup


  1. Tie down outside trash cans.
  2. Remove all on front porch including flag, rug, chairs.
  3. Remove bird feeders/weather vane/Scottie Dog weather vane.
  4. Mow the yard & cut bushes/trees that are near the house.
  5. Lock or tie closed outside storage containers.
  6. Fill small dog pool with water on back porch if water loss use for toilets/washing.
  7. Fill large water bottle on back porch with fresh water.
  8. Build generator cover so I can run gas generator in the rain.

Night before:

  1. Turn down refrigerator/freezer to colder, make extra ice.
  2. Run dishwasher.
  3. Wash cloths, bed sheets, towels.
  4. Charge all notebook computers, iPhones, iPads & iPhone.
  5. Get raincoats/ponchos, tarps, masking tape, extension cords, & buckets.
  6. Get box fan, and other small fans out of garage
  7. Take down garage door support brace (Last min.ute only if wind is high.)
  8. Back up computer Hard Drive.
  9. Get dogs rain coats ready – and our rain coats and ponchos
  10. Get tarps and tape and put in back porch.
  11. Vacuum House


Remember the Luminaries each year on Christmas Eve. 

Call Susi Wilkerson at 236-3242


Webmaster:  Robin Corsiglia    352-804-4690    steameng1@cox.net

















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